Proprietary survey on communication behaviour, attitudes and consumption behavior

The Consumer Connection System (CCS) describes the usage of bought, owned and earned media and their role and function for consumers. Internet activities such as membership and activities in Social Networks, the number of friends, regularly researched topics or participation in blogs or forums are thoroughly surveyed. The CCS internet data are the basis for the typology “Digital Types”. From the CCS Day-in-a-Life data people’s Lean Back and Lean Forward constitution and the corresponding touchpoints can be analysed. Identifying the Word-of-Mouth potential in one category is possible as well as determining the impact for approx. 50 touchpoints. Comprehensive lifestyle and brand information complement the survey and deliver extensive information on strategy and planning. The CCS survey includes adults from 15 to 64 years of age and is executed online in over 30 countries using extensively harmonised questionnaires. This enables comparisons across countries which is highly relevant for international clients.